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The DAWN Method Dementia Podcast Guide

by Judy Cornish

As dementia awareness grows, there are many more podcasts for dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers. If you are caring for someone with dementia at home, listening to a dementia podcast can be a way to connect with other dementia caregivers traveling the same journey and get tips on how to best walk this challenging path.

Judy Cornish has been a guest on dementia podcasts, podcasts for seniors and podcasts for caregivers. Here we highlight some of her favorite podcasts as well as her conversations about dementia care, being a caregiver, and what’s different about the DAWN Method of dementia care.

Top 3 dementia podcasts for caregivers

Top 4 dementia podcast episodes for caregivers

Love Conquers Alz with Suzie Singer Carter & David Priess

Join Susie, Don and Judy as they talk about our current care culture and treatments surrounding dementia and then how to change our approach when interacting with people experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s. [59 minutes; This dementia podcast aired on April 28, 2021]

Move or Improve podcast with Debbie Miller

In this interview Debbie Miller talks with Judy Cornish about how to tell if your loved one is being forgetful, or is showing signs of dementia. Forgetfulness can be a sign of aging. Progressive forgetfulness may signal the beginning of dementia. [27 minutes; aired on April 24, 2021]

Daughterhood: The Podcast

Host Rosanne Corcoran and Judy discuss the challenge of changing your expectations and detaching from your emotions, especially as the child or spouse of a person experiencing dementia. (See Daughterhood, the Podcast and the Daughterhood show notes PDF for time stamps on topics.) [1 hour and 11 minutes; aired April 23, 2020]

Boomer Living Podcast with Hanh Brown

Listen as Judy and Hanh Brown discuss how Judy got involved with dementia and dementia care as well as taking person-centered care from theory to practice. They also cover the strengths of dementia, the DAWN Method, and the most important thing for families to know when a loved one begins to experience dementia. [aired on November 15, 2020]

Top 9 podcast episodes & videos about dementia & the DAWN Method of dementia care

TEDx Talk with Judy Cornish—“The Dawn of Dementia Care”

YouTube video

Judy Cornish’s talk, “The Dawn of Dementia Care” at TEDx Spokane (YouTube) covers the three simple skills retained in dementia and how we can live fulfilled lives through recognizing the pattern. Judy presented this talk at a TEDx event in Spokane, WA. [19 minutes; aired on December 19, 2017]

Thriving Minds podcast with Dr. Selena Bartlett

In this somewhat academic discussion, Judy and neuroscience professor Selena Bartlett get a bit deeper into the science underpinning the DAWN Method (Thriving Minds podcast, Episode #101). Professor Bartlett adds detail about what happens in our brains as we process new information and experiences. They touch on topics of muscle memory, automatic thinking scripts, facial recognition and intuitive thinking skills versus rational thinking skills. During the second half of the interview, Judy and Dr. Bartlett discuss our stress responses and the human need to feel safe as it relates to dementia. Judy shares practical tips on what you can do to help someone experiencing dementia learn to feel safe in your presence. [54 minutes; aired on September 23, 2022]

Traverse Talks podcast with Sueann Ramella on Northwest Public Broadcasting

In episode 22, Sueann Ramella and Judy Cornish discuss dementia—what it is and how our current, fast-moving, technological society fails us when it comes to accommodating the reality of aging and elderhood (Traverse Talks podcast, Episode #22). [49 minutes; aired on August 17, 2021]

Age Care Enrichment podcast with Ash de Neef

In episode 37, Judy Cornish shares how she began to unravel what is really happening when dementia enters the picture. She explains that what the medical field refers to as “dementia-related behaviors” are really just typical human responses to stress (Age Care Enrichment podcast, Episode #37) that any person would have as a reaction to finding themselves in situations that they used to be able to handle, and now cannot. This episode has many real-life examples. [33 minutes; aired on June 6, 2022]

Island Treasures For Caregivers Podcast with Alison van Schie

In Season 2, episode 13, Judy explains how different dementia looks when you approach it from a functional perspective rather than a medical one (Episode title: Skills Retained: Strengths-based approach to Dementia Care). She and Alizon also discuss the skills kept and lost to dementia, the origins of the DAWN Method (understanding System 1 and System 2 from Daniel Kahneman‘s book, Thinking Fast and Slow), why people with dementia often express that they “want to go home,” and our need to understand the value of elderhood and how it differs from adulthood. [56 minutes; aired on October 1, 2021]

A Cup of Comfort™ podcast with Trish Laub: CareHero™

Trish Laub and Judy Cornish discuss the DAWN Method and how to keep those living with dementia at home longer (A Cup of Comfort podcast). [27 minutes; aired on July 13, 2021]

The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema

Saul Ebema and guest host Marie Conlin talk to Judy about her journey to dementia care (The Hospice Chaplaincy Show podcast, Episode #47) and about the creation of the DAWN Method. [50 minutes; aired on March 8, 2021]

Healing Ties podcast with Christopher MacLellan

Healing Ties is part of The Whole Care Network (a caregiver support network) and is hosted by Christopher MacLellan, “The Bow Tie Guy.” In Judy’s interview with Chris, she shares more about what a person-centered approach to dementia care is (Healing Ties podcast) and how it can heal relationships. [50 minutes; aired on June 7, 2021]

Presentation to the Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Judy was invited (virtually) to the Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil, to teach students and academics about her approach to dementia care. In her presentation, Judy Cornish explains the experiential model of DAWN dementia care in depth (on YouTube). [1 hour and 35 minutes; recorded in May 2021]

Dementia podcast and video archives

See our archive of dementia and Alzheimer’s podcasts and videos for a more comprehensive list of past interviews with Judy Cornish about dementia and the DAWN Method of dementia and Alzheimer’s care.