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Dementia and the Telephone

How can we more successfully talk on the phone with someone who has dementia? We baby boomers are a very mobile generation. Not many of us live in the same city or town we grew up in, so many of us are trying to stay in touch with aging parents who live far away. We … Read more

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How to Enhance Conversations in Dementia

We can become storytellers for our loved ones who have dementia—recounting happy memories for them. When we do this we give them a valuable gift: an experience in the present of whom we know them to be, even though they cannot recall their own pasts. There is great comfort in knowing that you have experienced … Read more

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Dementia and the Conversation

How do I help someone with dementia take part in conversations successfully? There are several easy techniques to help our loved ones and clients avoid embarrassment, join in conversations, and feel a part of the group. Be the supplier of fact You can start by cheerfully stating the obvious. Have you ever thought about how … Read more