This summer: Live Workshop with Judy at the OMEGA Institute in NY

Less stress. More companionship.

(Background image is a silhouette of two women sitting on a bench; one woman has her arm around the other’s shoulders and they are smiling.)There is a revolution happening in the lives of many people experiencing dementia. And it is because of their caregivers. Family members trained in the DAWN Method® have the ability to change the dynamics of almost every situation.

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The DAWN Method is a mindful way of being and interacting that gets to the heart of what is going on when dementia or Alzheimer’s comes into someone’s life. Using the DAWN Method, you can create an environment of peace and safety, of laughter and camaraderie… Let us help you make that change.

How can I learn the DAWN Method?

Live Workshop with Judy – July 26-28, 2024 in Rhinebeck, NY

Visit Omega’s website to sign up for the dementia care workshop with Judy

Judy Cornish; Strength-Based Dementia Care: A Holistic Approach to Living With Dementia; July 26-28, 2024; Omega

DAWN DementiaCoach®

Private, Live, One-on-One Dementia Care Training for Families - the DAWN Method

The best way to learn how to support your loved one at home: Eight private sessions with a dementia coach who tailors the DAWN tools and techniques to fit you and your loved one’s unique needs.

$1650.00 ($137.50 per hour)
(includes you and up to five care team members)

Features families love:

  • Quickest and most effective way to learn the tools and techniques of the DAWN Method
  • Each one-and-a-half-hour class cheaper than a one-hour care consultation
  • Material tailored to explain your loved one’s personal dementia journey
  • Techniques streamlined to meet you and your loved one’s unique needs
  • Eight weeks of interactive learning and discussion with a dementia coach
  • Eight-week session gives you time to develop new habits and practice new skills with an expert at hand
  • Each class recorded so you can share them with your team—and review whenever you wish.
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DAWN HomeCare Videos

DAWN® HomeCare Dementia Training for Family Members - Online Video Class - The DAWN Method; 12 Month Subscription

The next best way (this works for self-starters): Learn the tools and techniques of the DAWN Method through 36 videos available as a one-year subscription so you can refer back to them as needed.

$240.00 ($20 per month)
(renewable 12-month subscription for one user)

Features families love:

  • Good for people who are self-learners and able to recognize principles and apply them to their own situations
  • Better than books for people who learn best through hearing and seeing
  • Recorded at a leisurely pace for those with hearing or cognition deficits, but can be played faster to suit any listener
  • Focused on skills not lost to dementia and techniques that lessen conflict
  • Teaches carers to meet emotional needs before difficult behaviors erupt
  • Subscription gives yearlong renewable access
  • Economical way to learn the tools and techniques of the DAWN Method
  • Works on any device, including phones.

DAWN Method Books

Books by Judy Cornish: The Dementia Handbook and Dementia With Dignity

Or, read the books: The Dementia Handbook explains the principles, with examples. Dementia With Dignity describes DAWN techniques with stories and anecdotes that show you strength-based dementia care in action.

Kindle versions on Amazon (paperbacks; The Dementia Handbook available on Audible and in a Spanish version)

Features families love:

  • Dementia Handbook is small enough to fit in a handbag and brief enough to read in two hours
  • Dementia With Dignity is 277 pages filled with examples and stories to help you visualize how to use these groundbreaking techniques yourself
  • Read and learn at your own pace and as time permits
  • Share with as many people as you wish
  • Cheapest way to learn the tools and techniques of the DAWN Method
  • Use the books as a quick reference guide for the HomeCare videos.

Option 1DAWN Dementia Coaching / Live Class:

Private, Live, One-on-One Dementia Care Coaching for Families from the DAWN Method (image shows person taking notes)

This class meant so much to me. I learned strategies that are helping me to provide a loving, supportive environment for my loved one. I feel empowered to make our journey with dementia one that is less scary.”

Phyllis B. – family caregiver

Why is dementia coaching (a private, live class) the best option?

When you sign up for a private class taught with one of our DAWN Trainers, you learn the tools and techniques of the DAWN approach with a personal coach to guide you along the way and tailor the material to your specific situation and your loved one’s personal needs.

What’s included?

  • Includes 8 weekly sessions (1-2 hours each) with a DAWN Trainer.
  • Learn the DAWN Method interactively with a personal coach.
  • Invite other family members and in-home caregivers to attend the sessions with you.
  • All sessions are recorded and given to you at the end of your training, so you can refer back to them at any time.

What other families are saying:

The DAWN Method is the most useful guide possible to the land of dementia. Entering this new territory, as companions to our loved ones, it’s the best way I’ve found to get a sense of the landscape, start to understand our loved one’s changing needs and how best to serve them, and begin to get a sense of the twists and turns the journey will certainly take. It helps to anticipate and avoid obstacles that can cause so much trouble, and teaches us caregivers how to stay as healthy and sane as possible.”

“DAWN is also a guide to the humor and beauty that can be found along the way. There’s a lot to appreciate on this journey, and in this way the DAWN approach is quite heartening.”

“My family loved working with Teri Skoog as a teacher and consultant. She’s very clear and thorough, and has obviously contemplated the DAWN material deeply. She teaches from lived experience, giving examples from her own life as a practitioner, and never simply repeats what she was taught. In this way, none of the ideas presented seem abstract or academic; they’re always applicable to our role as caregivers. Her intelligence, compassion, and sense of humor make the classes a pleasure to participate in. Teri is an excellent teacher of DAWN; I hope many more people have the benefit of working with her.”

Jonathan G. – family caregiver

Private, Live Dementia Care Coaching

Option 2Online Video Course:

The DAWN Method training and tools are a valuable lifeline for those involved in caring for someone with dementia. The information provided in the coursework is excellent…I am encouraged and empowered. Thank you, Judy and the DAWN team!”

Betsy G. – family caregiver

What is the DAWN HomeCare online course like?

The DAWN HomeCare online dementia class for families includes 36 videos; each video is 10-20 minutes long. The course is newly updated: DAWN HomeCare has been recently edited, updated and re-recorded (in 2024).

What people are saying:

I am so glad I found the DAWN HomeCare Dementia Training. I learned so many things that have made my care for my husband more sensitive and understanding. I am much more relaxed and focused on creating a pleasant environment and life for him. Now that I understand what he has lost or is losing (rational thought) and what he retains (intuitive thought), I concentrate on the skills he has left. I am conscious of what is important, helpful, and enjoyable, while letting go of unrealistic expectations. This training will help me as we need to hire outside caregivers…we all will be able to provide my husband the best, most compassionate care we know how.

Barbara C. – family caregiver

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Option 3Dementia Care Books:

Books by Judy Cornish (The Dementia Handbook: How to Provide Dementia Care at Home, and Dementia With Dignity: Living Well with Alzheimer's or Dementia Using the DAWN Method

Not sure what to do? Go to Amazon and download a sample of one of the books.

The Dementia Handbook (available in paperback, Kindle & Audible) and Dementia With Dignity (available in paperback & Kindle) are currently available at Amazon. Download a sample and find out why so many people are building their library around these two books.

Is it possible to learn the DAWN Method with just the books?

Yes. Countless families and caregivers have read Judy’s books and then used that knowledge of the DAWN Method to successfully care for their loved ones and clients. Others have found that they like the video format better or wanted more one-on-one help with specific situations, so they have later signed up for one of the classes.

Many memory care professionals have expressed to Judy that she finally put into words what they had seen to be true in their background of working with people experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

What people have said about the books:

I am a caregiver for my husband of 50 years. He was diagnosed 3 years ago. Since then I have been reading book after book on Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have attended conferences, workshops and joined support groups. I found this this book on Amazon and downloaded a sample. I immediately purchased the book (Dementia With Dignity) and highlighted important segments for me. It is giving me valuable information in order to keep my husband home. I have already started to use some simple techniques in our day to day living. If you are a person just beginning this journey I suggest to begin with this book and then build your library around it, not the other way around (like I did). Thank you Judy Cornish for giving me new energy and the confidence to keep hubby at home. I just wish you lived closer and I could consult with you when situations arise!”

Kindle Customer (more Amazon reviews about Dementia With Dignity)