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Dementia With Dignity: Living Well with Alzheimer’s or Dementia Using the DAWN Method

Dementia with Dignity is the revolutionary how-to dementia caregiver guide that details ways to make it easier to provide dementia home care for people experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia and postpone the expense of long-term care (available in Paperback and Kindle versions).

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Dementia with Dignity: Living Well with Alzheimer's or Dementia Using the DAWN Method (book by Judy Cornish; ginkgo leaf with one side fading and the other side in rainbow colors)

Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 (280+ ratings at Amazon)

“I have read both of Judy’s books and they provide excellent strategies and tools for supporting a loved one with dementia. My grandma is 82 and has Alzheimer’s and I am supporting her to age in place. I bought Judy’s first book for all of her caregivers and plan to share this one with them as well. It walks you through how to manage the negative moods and experiences that accompany dementia and how to work to provide the best environment possible for your loved one. It is common sense. It is easy to apply what you learn from this book in your everyday caregiving life and see where you are excelling, and where you need to make some changes. I truly appreciate this book and The DAWN Method and recommend it to anyone who cares about a person with dementia.”

~ Rachel Hiles (Review on Amazon)

“Caregiving was not what I thought I’d do with the last years of my life, but God had other plans. And although life didn’t give me the skills or understanding to respond to my wife’s new needs, warehousing her in a nursing home was not an option. If you have family members experiencing dementia or providing care, the most loving thing you can do is send them this book.”

~ Ed Shoemaker – husband, father, family caregiver (eight years and not counting) (Review on Amazon)

“After reading three or four books on the care of people with dementia, this is by far the best of the bunch and the one that works. Enter the world of what the author calls ‘the intuitive’ and quit trying to use the rational approach. The intuitive approach works for both me and my wife. We have even cut back on medications…”

~ (Reviewer on Amazon)

“This shift in focus changes the caregiving model, from treating symptoms to helping the person—the whole person. We move from understanding dementia as a disease requiring medical and pharmacological treatment…to concentrating our attention on the very individual needs and experiences of the people who have dementia.’ The DAWN Method, as summarized in this quote from Dementia with Dignity, p.49, has rocked my world. It has caused me to do a total ‘about face’ in my approach to my mother’s diagnosis. This book changed my own sense of loss and subsequent sadness to a sense of empowerment and agency. Dementia with Dignity provides a road map for how to care for loved ones at home. It has given me hope and joy in caring for my mother as we endeavor to make every day beautiful for her and to help her end well. Thank you, Judy Cornish!”

~ (Reviewer on Amazon)

“The DAWN method describes the way mood influences communication with dementia patients, and gives helpful and practical suggestions to caregivers and professionals. A must-read for families and workers.”

~ Nancy (Review on Amazon)

We can live with dementia because not everything is lost

Wouldn’t dementia care be easier if you could get on the same page as your loved one? When we understand what someone experiencing dementia is going through, we can truly help them enjoy more peace and security at home. This book is a dementia caregiver guide that will help you recognize the unmet emotional needs that are causing problems, giving you a better understanding and ability to address them.

Listen to Judy discuss why she wrote the book, Dementia With Dignity on Alzheimer’s Speaks with Lori La Bey [aired live on March 5, 2019].

Judy Cornish of the DAWN Method

Author, Judy Cornish

Focusing dementia care on managing behaviors is like as limiting medical care to managing pain: the solvable problem is being ignored. Behaviors come from emotions, not disease. Meet the person’s emotional needs and watch difficult behaviors melt away.

– Judy Cornish

TEDx Talk

Listen to Judy’s TEDx Talk entitled, “The Dawn of Dementia Care”

In this book you’ll learn:

  • The basic facts about dementia, plus the skills lost and those not lost;
  • How to recognize and respond to the emotions caused by dementia, and avoid dementia-related behaviors;
  • Tools for working with an impaired person’s moods and changing sense of reality;
  • Techniques for dealing with hygiene, safety, nutrition and exercise issues;
  • A greater understanding and appreciation of what someone with dementia is experiencing, and how your care can increase their emotional wellbeing.
ginkgo leaf with one side fading and one side in rainbow colors

There are infinitely more happy times and experiences to be shared together. Be a part of caring for, honoring, and upholding the life of someone you love by helping them experience dementia with dignity.

Someone is diagnosed with dementia every 66 seconds; By 2030, the rate will be someone every 33 seconds.

Paying for homecare is expensive, but the cost of institutional care is astronomical—over $93,000/year in 2021. We need to learn how to provide effective dementia care at home. This book equips families to do so.

Book details:

Author: Judy Cornish
Publish Date: January 22, 2019
Book Formats: Paperback, Kindle
Paperback Price: $19.95 USD
Kindle Price: $5.49 USD
Pages: 271
Available at:
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Health, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1974027620

Recognize the abilities not just the disabilities of dementia (pink flowers and leaves)

From the book:

Although our loved ones with dementia are not able to recall, interpret or express ideas regarding their experiences, they are still having experiences. Their experiences will be causing them pain and relief, happiness and sadness, fear and anger—just like ours cause us.”

About Judy Cornish

Judy Cornish is a geriatric care manager and retired elder law attorney who began working with families and people experiencing dementia on the Palouse over a decade ago. Prior to her work in dementia care, she practiced law, worked in vocational rehabilitation with traumatic brain injury, and spent a year as a psychosocial skills trainer in an enhanced care unit for the mentally ill.

With her varied background—and education in literature, languages, fine arts and the law—she brings a diverse set of skills and a unique approach to dementia care. Her DAWN Method® enables families to keep their loved ones home longer, with less stress and more comfort. Judy previously founded and managed Palouse Dementia Care, providing case management and care services in Moscow, Idaho. She now runs the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN), offering training and consulting in the DAWN Method.