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About The DAWN Method

Dementia Care Consultation

Schedule a one-time dementia care consultation with a DAWN consultant

Enlist focused and one-on-one help with a DAWN dementia consultant. Our DAWN Trainers specialize in helping individuals and families assess their loved one’s situation, resolve issues, and design a dementia care plan to meet their unique needs—even to negotiate the complexities of a move for someone living with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

You can greatly improve your loved one’s comfort and lower your own stress with the DAWN approach. Judy Cornish and her DAWN Trainers have been sharing their expertise and providing dementia care consultation to individuals and families for decades.

Why hire a dementia consultant?

We face complex problems when a loved one is erratically yet inevitably losing cognitive skills. Supporting their independence while ensuring their safety requires creativity and constant reassessment, but also requires an understanding of the skills we keep and lose when experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Every person who is experiencing dementia will take their own personal journey—not only because of the diverse ways dementia shapes the experience, but also because dementia affects every area of life, including very personal ones. Talking to an expert on dementia care is one of the best investments a caregiver or family can make, whether their loved one is just beginning the journey or well along the way.

A dementia care consultant can enable you to recognize root problems and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the so-called ‘dementia-related behaviors’ that result from the emotional needs dementia creates. 

You’ll find there are no simple answers for dealing with dementia, but there are guiding principles. Talking with a dementia consultant will help you understand how to put the principles (which often seem counterintuitive at first) into action so you can maintain companionship and avoid inadvertently creating conflict and stress.

Schedule a private consultation with a DAWN dementia consultant to address a specific issue or plan next steps. You’ll be able to discuss your unique situation with privacy and confidentiality.

Pricing/fee for hourly DAWN dementia care consulting:

$220.00 per hour—Please send an email to  to meet a DAWN consultant and schedule a dementia consulting appointment.