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Reviews about the DAWN Method of dementia care

I am excited to be a Trainer for The DAWN Method. In the years I have interacted with individuals experiencing dementia I have studied and incorporated many models of dementia care into my work, but none address the true understanding of those experiencing the condition with more dignity, insight and humanity than The DAWN Method®.

Teri Skoog, DDCS, DAWN Trainer, and elder care consultant at Skoog Dementia Support LLC

In developing the DAWN Method, the remarkable Judy Cornish has made it possible for those experiencing Dementia/Alzheimer’s to stay in their own homes. As a Social Worker and volunteer for Hospice, I have seen firsthand the positive effects on both the patient and the family/caregiver when one has the resources to be in the comforts of home. After learning the 7 steps of the DAWN Method I was able to put into practice Judy’s approach. When a family member/caregiver begins to understand the emotions and feelings their loved one is experiencing, they are then open to learn the DAWN Method. This method teaches and provides the guidance needed to convey a more secure, relaxed and loving atmosphere. I have seen amazing results using this Method, families feeling totally overwhelmed to then creating and cherishing loving moments together. I thank Judy for all her time and endless research in developing the DAWN Method and then her willingness to teach and share her method. Many families will benefit greatly from the DAWN Method.

Traci W., BSW, social worker

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Books by Judy Cornish (The Dementia Handbook: How to Provide Dementia Care at Home, and Dementia With Dignity: Living Well with Alzheimer's or Dementia Using the DAWN Method

Reviews about the book, Dementia With Dignity: Living Well with Alzheimer’s or Dementia Using the DAWN Method

‘This shift in focus changes the caregiving model, from treating symptoms to helping the person—the whole person. We move from understanding dementia as a disease requiring medical and pharmacological treatment…to concentrating our attention on the very individual needs and experiences of the people who have dementia.’ The DAWN Method, as summarized in this quote from Dementia with Dignity, p.49, has rocked my world. It has caused me to do a total ‘about face’ in my approach to my mother’s diagnosis. This book changed my own sense of loss and subsequent sadness to a sense of empowerment and agency. Dementia with Dignity provides a road map for how to care for loved ones at home. It has given me hope and joy in caring for my mother as we endeavor to make every day beautiful for her and to help her end well. Thank you, Judy Cornish!

Priscilla H., Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist (Verified Review on Amazon)

The best approach I have found for Alzheimer’s concerns. After reading three or four books on the care of people with dementia, this (Dementia With Dignity) is by far the best of the bunch and the one that works. Enter the world of what the author calls ‘the intuitive’ and quit trying to use the rational approach. The intuitive approach works both for me and my wife. We have even cut back on medications…

Verified Review on Amazon

I have read both of Judy’s books and they provide excellent strategies and tools for supporting a loved one with dementia. My grandma is 82 and has Alzheimer’s and I am supporting her to age in place. I bought Judy’s first book for all of her caregivers and plan to share this one with them as well. It walks you through how to manage the negative moods and experiences that accompany dementia and how to work to provide the best environment possible for your loved one. It is common sense. It is easy to apply what you learn from this book in your everyday caregiving life and see where you are excelling, and where you need to make some changes. I truly appreciate this book and The DAWN Method and recommend it to anyone who cares about a person with dementia.

Rachel H., family caregiver (Verified review on Amazon)

I am a caregiver for my husband of 50 years. He was diagnosed 3 years ago. Since then I have been reading book after book on Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have attended conferences, workshops and joined support groups. I found this this book (Dementia With Dignity) on Amazon and downloaded a sample. I immediately purchased the book and highlighted important segments for me. It is giving me valuable information in order to keep my husband home. I have already started to use some simple techniques in our day to day living. If you are a person just beginning this journey I suggest to begin with this book and then build your library around it, not the other way around (like I did). Thank you Judy Cornish for giving me new energy and the confidence to keep hubby at home. I just wish you lived closer and I could consult with you when situations arise!”

Amazon Kindle customer (read more Amazon reviews about Dementia With Dignity at

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Reviews about the book, The Dementia Handbook: How to Provide Dementia Care at Home

An ‘excellent read’ for those who have loved ones on the dementia road. Very enlightening, thorough explanation of each phase and what to expect. Full of ways to approach each phase with real examples. I am finding they really do work. It is all about accepting the person as they are now and how to help both the the caregiver and the individual with dementia embrace life.

Verified review on Amazon

A Must-Read for Any Dementia Caregiver; A Short Read Filled with ‘Aha Moments:’ Since I regularly engage with people that have dementia both professionally and personally, a friend recommended The Dementia Handbook. Having read several dementia care books combined with a few years of experience, I thought I pretty sound comprehensive understanding of dementia. I was wrong; Judy Cornish transformed my thinking on dementia.

Her ability to articulate the realities of living with dementia is truly enlightening. She points out that people with dementia will eventually lose their ability to think rationally, but they never stop experiencing life. Her explanation of mood management and helping people feel comfortable (despite their confusion) has helped me make meaningful connections. This book is a must-read for family and professional caregivers. Thank you Judy!

Verified review on Amazon

What a great book. I felt like I had a very good understanding of how the mind of the patient with dementia functions. The suggestions given are a guide to how to get tasks accomplished while preserving the dignity and maximum autonomy for the individual with the disease. Within a years time span, my father has gone from a business owner running his own company to experiencing moderate dementia which has left him unable to handle his own business affairs and become primarily homebound. I was looking for tips on how to treat my father in the manner I would like to be treated if this same affliction reduces my memory in the future. I feel so much better about the actions I need to take to accomplish this.

Kristi L., Amazon purchaser (read more reviews about The Dementia Handbook at

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Reviews about our dementia training programs for agencies and facilities and our dementia certification course for self-employed caregivers

When I have the privilege of giving even glimpses of the DAWN method to a family, it’s as if they get to take a deep breath for the first time in a really long time.

Jill Couch, OT, DDCS, DAWN Trainer & owner of our DAWN Partner, Better People Care LLC in Fort Collins, CO

Extremely helpful; easy to use… the tests were very helpful in remembering my initial training, it helped to solidify my training. The DAWN Method is a very loving and caring way to take care of our clients with dementia.

T. H., DDCS & professional caregiver

I work with a client who has many caregivers, but only two of us use the DAWN method. When we DAWN caregivers have a shift immediately following some of the others, we find her more confused and anxious, voicing her despair about how ‘stupid’ she is. As a DAWN caregiver, I know my job is to protect her dignity and help her live her life at her own pace, in the comfort of any fond memories she is able to retain. When I use the DAWN tools that are habilitative and person-centered care, and can be so easily learned and applied, it restores her wellbeing.

D.W., DDCS & professional caregiver

I just completed the DAWN Method of caregiving course. I found the program has helped reduce stress levels substantially for both the client and myself. My client tends to get upset when he can’t find things. I found the method of chattering while looking really calms him down. I highly recommend this program to families dealing with dementia. Thank you Judy, I really enjoyed working with you.

Lisa H., DDCS & professional caregiver

To us, as DAWN dementia care professionals, it seems so normal that our clients can rely on their intuitive thought processes and lead happy lives. Yet most caregivers think people with dementia or Alzheimer’s are angry and difficult. Not our clients! The DAWN Method brings happiness. The classes we offer will change your life and the life of your loved one.

H. S., DDCS & professional caregiver

Being a caregiver is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. But without a compassionate and understanding method like the DAWN Method, it can be difficult to find the source of the behavior and turn it into something positive in a loving manner. I have a client who is very determined to feel in control. I use the tools of the DAWN Method every day with her. It took a few months, but she now feels completely in control in several areas, despite her dementia. Before I had been trained in the DAWN Method, I had nothing but common sense and compassion guiding me. Now I feel that with creativity and the DAWN tools I can help anyone who needs care.

Erica R., DDCS & professional caregiver

I feel honored to have the ability to care for these clients. Your training course give me the confidence to face each day with them. While I feel that I am still learning, there is comfort in knowing I have a resource to rely on. Thank you for that!

Rebecca A., DDCS & professional caregiver

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Private, Live, One-on-One Dementia Care Training for Families - the DAWN Method

Reviews about live, private classes and dementia coaching for families

Thank you for sending this through and for all the time you’re putting into this so far. I’ve found your
course extremely valuable and seen a lot of similarities in where I’m at with my mum. My dad has clearly read your book as he is doing a lot of the things you’ve mentioned in practice and, on the whole, my mum is a happy lady!

Family caregiver

The DAWN Method is the most useful guide possible to the land of dementia. Entering this new territory, as companions to our loved ones, it’s the best way I’ve found to get a sense of the landscape, start to understand our loved one’s changing needs and how best to serve them, and begin to get a sense of the twists and turns the journey will certainly take. It helps to anticipate and avoid obstacles that can cause so much trouble, and teaches us caregivers how to stay as healthy and sane as possible.”

“DAWN is also a guide to the humor and beauty that can be found along the way. There’s a lot to appreciate on this journey, and in this way the DAWN approach is quite heartening.”

“My family loved working with Teri Skoog as a teacher and consultant. She’s very clear and thorough, and has obviously contemplated the DAWN material deeply. She teaches from lived experience, giving examples from her own life as a practitioner, and never simply repeats what she was taught. In this way, none of the ideas presented seem abstract or academic; they’re always applicable to our role as caregivers. Her intelligence, compassion, and sense of humor make the classes a pleasure to participate in. Teri is an excellent teacher of DAWN; I hope many more people have the benefit of working with her.

Jonathan G., family caregiver

I am enjoying the information you are sharing with us. The techniques and tips you have shared so far
have been helpful. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to learn techniques for providing her with supportive care. I am looking forward to the future classes.

Family caregiver

The DAWN classes really helped our family learn a better perspective for helping our dad. This is a method that respects the whole person; we now have hope for my dad’s future and we have confidence in our ability to walk with him during this time of his life.

Mary Ann W., family caregiver

Thank you so much. Truly. We’ve been walking this for a few years, so, honestly, I started this not sure
what I might or might not learn, and I have to tell you that the class where you FULLLLLYYY explained
anosognosia (holy cow, did I spell that correctly? Google isn’t having a fit!) was, well world changing for me. You see, [my loved one] is very aware that he is experiencing dementia, and his diagnosis, etc. (And is not happy about it, as it’s still kind of early in the journey.) So, from what I’d read about anosognosia everywhere else, I assumed it simply wasn’t affecting him. But I’ll tell you what: his complete lack of understanding of safety issues and lack of understanding of how his actions affect others has been very difficult for both me and our sons who are still at home. But now, with your explanation about his loss of rational thinking skills, and that not understanding the safety issues, etc., is PART of that and a part of anosognosia… it changed everything. It was like a door opened up and light shone in!! I look at all of this differently. And am now going to try to help our boys (who are both high functioning on the autism spectrum) understand that as well. So thank you so much for that, and ALL the tools I now have in my kit for the days, months, and years ahead.

Family caregiver

This class meant so much to me. I learned strategies that are helping me to provide a loving, supportive environment for my loved one. I feel empowered to make our journey with dementia one that is less scary.

Phyllis B., family caregiver

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DAWN HomeCare Online Dementia Course for Families; One-Year Membership for Online Video Class (The DAWN Method logo with ginkgo leaf - one side is rainbow colored. other side fading)

Reviews about the DAWN HomeCare online dementia video course for families

The DAWN Method training and tools are a valuable lifeline for those involved in caring for someone with dementia. The information provided in the coursework is excellent. And the ability to share the training with family members is a great idea. I am encouraged and empowered. Thank you, Judy and the DAWN team!

Betsy G., family caregiver

I am so glad I found the DAWN HomeCare Dementia Training. I learned so many things that have made my care for my husband more sensitive and understanding. I am much more relaxed and focused on creating a pleasant environment and life for him. Now that I understand what he has lost or is losing (rational thought) and what he retains (intuitive thought), I concentrate on the skills he has left. I am conscious of what is important, helpful, and enjoyable, while letting go of unrealistic expectations. This training will help me as we need to hire outside caregivers. I signed up for the 12 month program because I plan to share this program with the caregivers. That way we all will be able to provide my husband the best, most compassionate care we know how.

Barbara C., family caregiver

Judy’s DAWN Method is an extraordinary training program. Our entire extended families all accessed the program training videos and read both of Judy’s books. She and her staff were always available, helpful and encouraging. The information, guidance and real-life experiences presented in the course opened our eyes and minds to the realities of dementia. It gave us insightful, effective tools we could learn to become effective, loving and caring partners for our wife, mother, friend. With this approach, we were able to coalesce our support for my wife and become a family ‘team’ with a common game plan. We started this program one year ago in the midst of the COVID pandemic and it was a miraculous blessing for all of us. Thank you!

The Snell and Knowles Families

This training has been worth every penny and so much more. It has helped to put more structure and knowledge behind the sense our family was developing that we needed to find a way to ‘meet mom where she is.’ It provides such a wealth of knowledge, but, even better, a wealth of practical solutions for dealing with the many situations one encounters when a loved one moves through dementia. I have already been recommending this program to everyone I encounter who’s dealing with a friend or loved one with dementia, and I will continue to do so whole-heartedly!!!

Marcia F., family caregiver

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