The tools of the DAWN Method of dementia care: 1. Mood management, 2. Security in Confusion, 3. Security in Care, 4. Social Success, 5. Sense of Control, 6. Sense of Value, 7. Secure Future (in flower shape)

Dementia Caregiver Training

At DAWN, we have dementia caregiver training programs for organizations such as hospice agencies, hospitals, homecare providers and long-term care facilities—and for healthcare professionals who work for themselves.


  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Lower staff turnover rates
  • Greater sense of wellbeing for both employees and clients
  • Fewer risk incidents due to lack of communication
  • Increased billing rates due to offering specialized care.

Our online dementia certification course in strength-based dementia care is available to organizations for training their supervisory and floor staff, as well as to self-employed caregivers looking for greater expertise. This dementia certification course is available both in self-study format and as workshops taught by DAWN Trainers.

Training Options for Professionals

Training in DAWN strength-based dementia care improves the care environment for everyone.

DAWN Certification for self-employed caregivers

As a DAWN Dementia Care Specialist (DDCS), you will be a certified user of the DAWN Method, able to increase your rates and enjoy recognition for your expertise.

Want to teach the DAWN Method?

If you are a DDCS and would love to teach, you can study with Judy to become a DAWN Trainer, and teach the DAWN Method to families and caregivers.

Dementia care training program for agency and facility employees

Agencies and facilities can become DAWN Partners. Our dementia caregiver training improves staff retention and both client and employee wellbeing.

Our DAWN Partner agencies & facilities

We are proud of our DAWN Partner organizations. Their dedication to improving the lives of people who are experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s matches ours.