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Dementia care training and coaching
for caregivers and families.

Strength-Based Dementia Care.

Less stress. More companionship. Better communication.

There is hope for those with dementia and their caregivers.
It lies in the way we provide care.

Dementia does not take away all our skills. When families understand what their loved ones can still do, they can create a more comfortable home caregiving environment.

The DAWN Method® is the kind, strength-based, person-centered approach to dementia care that trains families and caregivers to capitalize on the skills dementia does not take away.

There is a new way to look at dementia.

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Evidence-based dementia care

In a recent study, caregivers trained in the DAWN Method experienced a 34.7% decrease in caregiving burden and a 23.1% increase in positive attitude toward caregiving from pre-course rating to post-course rating. Read more about the study…

What one participant had to say

“…it changed everything. It was like a door opened up and light shone in!! I look at all of this differently.”

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The DAWN Method Dementia Care Tools: 1. Mood Management (center of flower); 2. Security in Confusion (inner petal of flower); 3. Security in Care (inner petal of flower); 4. Social Success (outer petal of flower); 5. Sense of Control (outer petal of flower); 6. Sense of Value (outer petal of flower); 7. Secure Future (outer petal of flower)
The tools of the DAWN Method

The path to happier dementia care.

Training in strength-based dementia care will change your life.

For families and individuals caring for a loved one

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For self-employed caregivers, agencies and facilities

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