There is hope for those with dementia.

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A dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis is heartbreaking, but it doesn’t have to extinguish all hope for quality of life. And it doesn’t mean that your loved one can’t stay at home in the comfort of a familiar setting, surrounded by family and friends.

The DAWN® Method lowers caregiver stress and helps people who have dementia and their families cope with dementia with greater peace. Everyone needs a sense of security and wellbeing, and so do people who are developing dementia. When you use the DAWN Method, you can help your loved one or client ease through the stages of dementia with significantly less fear, anger, and frustration.

The magic of the DAWN® Method.

We sometimes ignore the signs of dementia and, instead, try to compensate for our loved one’s difficulties. But early diagnosis and providing the right kind of support from the onset will lessen your stress and your loved one’s discomfort.

The DAWN® Method will teach you to support your loved one in ways that minimize the distress of losing rational thought and enhance the ability to function using intuitive thought alone. With the right support, it is possible to be happier and more relaxed with dementia. Intuitive thought gives us access to some very valuable things in life, such as appreciating music and beauty, and recognizing our own feelings and those of the people around us.

At first, as I worked with my clients and grew to love them, I grieved for them and felt their futures were hopeless and unbearable. However, as I spent time with them, seeking ways to help them continue to find enjoyment in living, I discovered that we were both benefiting from experiencing the world on an intuitive level. You can do this, too. Join me in feeling hope, and in making life better for those who have dementia, with the DAWN® Method.

– Judy Cornish

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