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DementiaCoach® Private Classes for Family Members

5.00 out of 5
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What you get:

* Eight 2-hour sessions with a DAWN Trainer as a personal dementia coach
* Interactive and guided learning experience that enhances your mastery of new techniques and approaches
* Principles and techniques of the DAWN Method tailored to you and your loved one’s unique situation and needs
* Supervision as you explore new ways of communicating and interacting with your loved one as their skills and emotional needs change
* Support as you practice your new skills and understanding of your loved one’s dementia journey.

What it is:

* Eight interactive classes taught by a DAWN Trainer as your coach over an eight-week period—the easiest way to begin working with your loved one’s dementia
* In-person sessions if there is a Trainer in your area (otherwise via Zoom or other online meeting program)
* Recordings to keep for future reference or other family members.

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These are the Terms and Conditions for the DAWN DementiaCoach Private Class for Families.

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DementiaCoach classes will show you how to work with your loved one’s new skills so you can avoid the “long goodbye” or “losing them twice,” and maintain communication and companionship throughout their journey.

These sessions are the most effective means of learning how to work with your loved one’s changing cognitive skills and emotional needs.

These sessions will teach you which skills your loved one loses and which they’ll always keep, and equip you with tools and techniques for meeting their new emotional needs.

Presented once weekly for eight weeks at a time you set with your DAWN Trainer; you receive coaching to work with the changes dementia brings so you can stop inadvertently creating conflict.

Please email “” if you have questions prior to purchasing.

In developing the DAWN Method, the remarkable Judy Cornish has made it possible for those experiencing Dementia/Alzheimer’s to stay in their own homes. As a Social Worker and volunteer for Hospice, I have seen firsthand the positive effects on both the patient and the family/caregiver when one has the resources to be in the comforts of home. After learning the 7 steps of the DAWN Method I was able to put into practice Judy’s approach.

“When a family member/caregiver begins to understand the emotions and feelings their loved one is experiencing, they are then open to learn the DAWN Method. This method teaches and provides the guidance needed to convey a more secure, relaxed and loving atmosphere. I have seen amazing results using this Method, families feeling totally overwhelmed to then creating and cherishing loving moments together. I thank Judy for all her time and endless research in developing the DAWN Method and then her willingness to teach and share her method. Many families will benefit greatly from the DAWN Method.”

~ Traci W., BSW & Social Worker, Kennewick, WA

5 reviews for DementiaCoach® Private Classes for Family Members

  1. 5 out of 5

    darlene.hopper (verified owner)

    This class is super! There’s a lot of wonderful information that will help each caregiver learn how to give life back to their LO by using the skills that are provided! It’s a positive way to enact with your LO and to maybe start to have a few more stress free days with them and to help give you, as their caregiver, a solid foundation in which to work with.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Phyllis Burchfield

    This class meant so much to me. I learned strategies that are helping me to provide a loving, supportive environment for my loved one. I feel empowered to make our journey with dementia one that is less scary.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mindy Hagen

    In my years-long caregiving journey I’ve never felt so supported as when I enrolled in the DAWN Dementia Care Class taught by Judy Cornish. Her expertise and ability to communicate in an easy to understand way are as important as the method itself. I appreciate the real life examples she uses and her encouraging manner that bring an added dimension to caregiving, that of joy. I cannot say enough good about Judy Cornish or the DAWN method she has created. Both you, and the one you’re giving care to, will benefit greatly by taking this class. It’s made all the difference for me.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Vanessa Castine

    The DAWN Method of dementia care training has been the most meaningful and valuable learning experience in my 15 year journey of taking care of my mother – now 101 years old. The didactic learning regarding ‘how dementia shows up’ and the ‘why’ of behaviors we observe in our loved one was not only informative but very empowering. The addition of the tools Judy taught to support her strength-based, personalized approach to compassionate dementia care not only changed my attitude towards caregiving by reducing stress and providing hope, resulting in a blessing for both of us during this journey. Thank you, Judy, for your compassion, care, the individual support we received, your brilliant insights in this area, and above all, your perseverance to do the work needed to develop this amazing, lifesaving caregiver training program!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Green

    The DAWN Method is the most useful guide possible to the land of dementia. Entering this new territory, as companions to our loved ones, it’s the best way I’ve found to get a sense of the landscape, start to understand our loved one’s changing needs and how best to serve them, and begin to get a sense of the twists and turns the journey will certainly take. It helps to anticipate and avoid obstacles that can cause so much trouble, and teaches us caregivers how to stay as healthy and sane as possible.

    DAWN is also a guide to the humor and beauty that can be found along the way. There’s a lot to appreciate on this journey, and in this way the DAWN approach is a quite heartening.

    My family loved working with Teri Skoog as a teacher and consultant. She’s very clear and thorough, and has obviously contemplated the DAWN material deeply. She teaches from lived experience, giving examples from her own life as a practitioner, and never simply repeats what she was taught. In this way, none of the ideas presented seem abstract or academic; they’re always applicable to our role as caregivers. Her intelligence, compassion, and sense of humor make the classes a pleasure to participate in. Teri is an excellent teacher of DAWN; I hope many more people have the benefit of working with her.

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