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Dementia Training

Training in home dementia care for families and

With DAWN, you have two options to learn how to preserve your relationship and communication: eight private, interactive sessions with a coach and consultant (DementiaCoach), or one-year access to 36 videos as a subscription (HomeCare).

Both options give you an understanding of the strengths in dementia so you can avoid losing your relationship with your loved one to conflict and misunderstanding.

The DementiaCoach sessions are your best value: you and your coach meet eight times over eight weeks, applying DAWN wisdom to your loved one’s very personal journey and solving problems together.

If your pocketbook doesn’t allow you to access the personal application, however, you can watch the HomeCare videos in your own time. Each video covers one concept or technique, in simple terms with real life examples, so you can draw from Judy’s years of experience with her clients who were living at home with dementia, often alone.

DAWN Teaches the Basics

The tools of the DAWN Method of dementia care: 1. Mood management, 2. Security in Confusion, 3. Security in Care, 4. Social Success, 5. Sense of Control, 6. Sense of Value, 7. Secure Future (in flower shape)To keep our relationships intact and communicate successfully, we need to understand how to work with our loved one’s new skillset, and how to help them regain a sense of security and wellbeing despite their growing limitations. DAWN starts at the beginning and leads you to a full understanding:

Eight lessons

  • How dementia changes functioning
  • Why mood management is essential
  • How to decrease repetitive questions 
  • How to encourage acceptance of care
  • How to communicate despite memory loss
  • How to encourage cooperation
  • How to avoid depression and isolation
  • How to bring back comfort in the moment.

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