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Dementia ‘Anger Stage’

There are more people searching for information on the dementia ‘anger stage’—and how to deal with dementia patients who are angry—than for any other answers about dementia care. This should tell us something. (This article is Part 2 of our series on anger; see Part 1: Mean Dementia—Dementia and Being Mean to Family; see Part 3: … Read more

Turbulent water in stream

Mean Dementia—Dementia and Being Mean to Family

How to deal with a mean dementia ‘patient’* Why is my mom so angry? Why does my husband blow up when I try to explain something?”  Why does it feel like having dementia and being mean to family often go hand in hand? There is an answer—a way to avoid the anger that so often … Read more

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Dementia Behaviors Aren’t the Problem—It’s the Emotions That Cause Them

The stress caused by dementia-related behaviors Anyone who has spent time with someone experiencing dementia knows that dealing with dementia behaviors (or Alzheimer’s behaviors) causes tremendous stress. For families caring for someone with dementia at home, caregiving is in itself debilitating because of round-the-clock demands and the difficulty of finding someone who can step in … Read more

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Be Calm in a Crisis

Be calm and kind The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has many people panicking, which is understandable—especially our older adult population and their family members. It is important that we remember that everyone around us is affected and that we have the opportunity to be a kind and calm influence in this situation. Remember, your loved one … Read more