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This summer: Live Workshop with Judy at the OMEGA Institute in NY

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Upcoming DAWN Workshops

by Judy Cornish

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Dementia with Dignity flyer with Judy Cornish, featuring information about dementia care workshops that were held in the fall of 2016

Pullman, WA – Judy Cornish, founder of Palouse Dementia Care Services and the DAWN Method of dementia care, is hosting a series of 8 workshops in Pullman, WA. Judy will give attendees tools to decrease dementia-related behaviors and lower caregiver stress. The workshop is appropriate for family members of people experiencing dementia, and professional caregivers. The workshops will be held Thursday evenings Sept 15th – Nov 3rd, 2016 at 7pm, and are hosted by Circles of Caring Adult Day Services. For more information about the “Dementia With Dignity” workshops, call 208.388.8898 or email For more information about Judy Cornish and the DAWN Method, visit