Dementia Courses

“When I have the privilege of giving even glimpses of the DAWN Method to a family, it’s as if they get to take a deep breath for the first time in a really long time.”

Jill Couch

Jill Couch

OT, DDCS, DAWN Trainer, caregiver & owner of Better People Care

Dementia Courses

There is a revolution happening in the lives of many people experiencing dementia. And it is because of their caregivers. Family members and caregivers trained in the DAWN Method have the ability to change the dynamics of almost every situation.

Learn the DAWN Method® of dementia & Alzheimer’s care

  • Create a less stressful environment
  • Stop unintentionally hurting, embarrassing or belittling someone experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Provide support that increases emotional comfort
  • Decrease combative behaviors through understanding the skills lost
  • Enhance functioning through recognizing the skills kept

Sample lesson from the online course

Topics covered in DAWN dementia care courses and certifications:

  • The skills kept and the skills lost to dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Managing moods and supporting them emotionally
  • Dealing with alternative realities
  • Helping them to feel secure in your care
  • Supporting them in conversation
  • Maintaining their sense of control and sense of value
  • Techniques and examples of things you can do that will help someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s stay in their own home longer

Online Dementia Course for Families

DAWN HomeCare Online Dementia Course for Families; One-Year Membership for Online Video Class (The DAWN Method logo with ginkgo leaf - one side is rainbow colored. other side fading)

Learn the DAWN Method of dementia care online (36 video lessons). Cost: $240.00/year. Bulk pricing available for agencies.

DAWN Dementia Care Specialist Certification for Individual Caregivers

DAWN Dementia Care Specialist Certification for Individual Caregivers - the DAWN Method

Become certified in the DAWN Method. Dementia certification valid for two years. Cost: $1,600.00 (recertification: $49.00).

Private Dementia Classes for Families

Private, Live, One-on-One Dementia Care Training for Families with Judy Cornish or another DAWN Trainer - the DAWN Method

Meet privately online with a DAWN Trainer for 8 separate sessions (keep the recordings; ask questions; invite family members). Cost: $1,650.00.

Dementia Certification for Agencies (DAWN Partner program)

DAWN Partner Program for Agencies and Facilites - Dementia Certification Course in the DAWN Method

Train your staff and caregivers in the DAWN Method of dementia care. Contact us for pricing.

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