In developing the DAWN Method, the remarkable Judy Cornish has made it possible for those experiencing Dementia/Alzheimer’s to stay in their own homes.  As a Social Worker and volunteer for Hospice, I have seen firsthand the positive effects on both the patient and the family/caregiver when one has the resources to be in the comforts of home.  After learning the 7 steps of the DAWN Method I was able to put into practice Judy’s approach.  When a family member/caregiver begins to understand the emotions and feelings their loved one is experiencing, they are then open to learn the DAWN Method.  This method teaches and provides the guidance needed to convey a more secure, relaxed and loving atmosphere.  I have seen amazing results using this Method, families feeling totally overwhelmed to then creating and cherishing loving moments together.  I thank Judy for all her time and endless research in developing the DAWN Method and then her willingness to teach and share her method. Many families will benefit greatly from the DAWN Method.