I started working for Judy Cornish a little over 3 years ago. I had no experience working with people who had dementia, although I grew up with the most wonderful grandparents. Her method, brilliant but simple, intrigued me.

Every hour and every minute I am with one of our clients I communicate to them through my actions that they are loved, cared for and, most importantly, that they matter. Three things come to my mind which I count as the pillars of our work: First, our clients are amazing people who had been living full and productive lives. They contributed to our society for decades to make our lives better and easier, so they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and love. Secondly, when I am with a client, I respect and accept their reality and don’t make any attempt to change it. This approach results in our clients feeling safe and that they can trust us. Finally, I accept my clients as they are. They have dementia so they will ask the same questions over and over. I never, ever remind them that they had already asked me that same question. I always answer their questions as I am hearing it for the first time. This approach means our clients feel comfortable around us and it results in them asking fewer questions.

I am so blessed to have met Judy and become a DAWN dementia care specialist. We, her team, are 100 percent behind her and join her in believing that we should always put the person who suffers from dementia first.