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Dementia Training for Family Members (HomeCare)

5.00 out of 5
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$240.00 for 1 year

($20/month, paid yearly)

What you get:

* Dementia training for family members caring for their loved ones at home
* Recognize and strengthen the super-skills your loved one will not lose
* Resolve emotional needs before difficult behaviors appear
* Learn simple techniques to enhance cooperation and make day-to-day tasks easier
* Enjoy more companionship and less stress
* See your loved one relax and feel more at peace.

What it is:

* One-year access to dementia training for family members (36 videos, 10-20 minutes each) detailing tools and techniques for responding to the emotional needs and cognitive changes that occur with dementia
* Provides complete access to the tools and techniques of the DAWN Method
* Includes many real life examples of how these tools and techniques have been applied successfully
* Newly Updated: HomeCare has been recently edited, updated and re-recorded (in 2024).

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This DAWN dementia training for family members (HomeCare course) equips families to provide strength-based dementia (and Alzheimer’s) care in their own homes. The practical tools and techniques it provides will help you and your loved one communicate better and enjoy less stress, so you can postpone the expense and stress of long-term care and they can stay home longer.

This online dementia class is divided into eight lessons, each explaining a principle in strength-based dementia care. The first lesson provides the basics, then the next seven cover a concept with several techniques—in simple terms with real life examples drawn from Judy’s experience with her clients and consulting with families nationwide. The lessons are cumulative, building on one another, so you should watch them in order the first time through.

“What we’ve been calling dementia-related behaviors are really just the way we communicate emotional distress when we find our cognitive abilities changing. Meeting emotional needs resolves difficult behaviors.” ~ Judy Cornish

people don't stop experiencing things just because they stop remembering them “Although dementia takes away our ability to recall or explain what we’ve experienced, we are still having experiences. And our experiences are causing us pain and relief, happiness and sadness, fear and anger—and we are reacting to those experiences—just like anyone else.” ~ Judy Cornish

Strength-based dementia care is empowering

It’s helpful to look at dementia from the perspective of the changes in a person’s functioning, rather than as a disease and symptoms. When we do this, their behaviors make sense—as expressions of emotional needs—and more companionship and less stress become possible.

A sample video from the course

Here is a video from the third lesson in the HomeCare course:

About your instructor

Judy Cornish of the DAWN Method Judy Cornish is a retired elder law attorney and author, and founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN®). Her two books (The Dementia Handbook and Dementia With Dignity) take person-centered dementia care from theory to practice by teaching strength-based dementia care. Her goal is to help caregivers and families learn how to truly support their loved ones and enjoy more companionship as they walk the dementia path together.

Bulk purchase of DAWN HomeCare Dementia Training for Family Members

Institutions and organizations may buy this product in bulk to make the DAWN Method available to families who are their clientele. Please contact us at for information about bulk subscriptions.

10 reviews for Dementia Training for Family Members (HomeCare)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Barbara Campbell

    I am so glad I found the DAWN HomeCare Dementia Training. I learned so many things that have made my care for my husband more sensitive and understanding. I am much more relaxed and focused on creating a pleasant environment and life for him. Now that I understand what he has lost or is losing (rational thought) and what he retains (intuitive thought), I concentrate on the skills he has left. I am conscious of what is important, helpful, and enjoyable, while letting go of unrealistic expectations. This training will help me as we need to hire outside caregivers…we all will be able to provide my husband the best, most compassionate care we know how. (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare course)

  2. 5 out of 5


    I will not offer a review until I’ve completed the entire course. Thus far it is more than fulfilling expectations after my reading both DAWN books. William Galbraith (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  3. 5 out of 5

    The Snell and Knowles Families

    Judy’s DAWN Method is an extraordinary training program. Our entire extended families all accessed the program training videos and read both of Judy’s books. She and her staff were always available, helpful and encouraging. The information, guidance and real-life experiences presented in the course opened our eyes and minds to the realities of dementia. It gave us insightful, effective tools we could learn to become effective, loving and caring partners for our wife, mother, friend. With this approach, we were able to coalesce our support for my wife and become a family “team” with a common game plan. We started this program one year ago in the midst of the COVID pandemic and it was a miraculous blessing for all of us. Thank you! (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  4. 5 out of 5

    Betsy G.

    The DAWN Method training and tools are a valuable lifeline for those involved in caring for someone with dementia. The information provided in the coursework is excellent…I am encouraged and empowered. Thank you, Judy and the DAWN team! (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  5. 5 out of 5

    Kathleen Cruz

    I am only half-way through this course, and have already learned so much that will be of tremendous value in helping my companions with dementia. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been offered access to this course, and I know that it will make me a more compassionate and informed caregiver for my clients and their families. (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  6. 5 out of 5


    This training has been worth every penny and so much more. It has helped to put more structure and knowledge behind the sense our family was developing that we needed to find a way to “meet mom where she is.” It provides such a wealth of knowledge, but, even better, a wealth of practical solutions for dealing with the many situations one encounters when a loved one moves through dementia. I have already been recommending this program to everyone I encounter who’s dealing with a friend or loved one with dementia, and I will continue to do so whole-heartedly!!! (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  7. 5 out of 5


    I am so glad I was introduced to the Dawn method! I read both of Judy’s books and am half way through the course. It has helped so much in caring for my mother! I recommend this course for all care givers! (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  8. 5 out of 5

    Ele Santoro

    This course is so comprehensive, I feel like I have been given the tools to bring joy and security and much more to my friend with dementia. The website is easy to navigate and I am part of a care team trying to encourage other friends and family to take the course. It is definitely a unique situation for a person to be in and you cannot just apply parenting or relationship skills to it– this course is the key to less frustration and feelings of hopelessness for both caregiver and person with dementia. Thank you! (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  9. 5 out of 5


    I am only half way thru the course and already I find so much more understanding and patience for the things my husband says and does. I also have been able to get support from Jill Couch who provides DAWN dementia care in our area. I am so grateful!! Thank you so much. (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

  10. 5 out of 5

    Teri Ashley

    I was the primary caregiver for my grandfather who had dementia and have worked as a hospice volunteer in memory care facilities. And I am a career educator and life coach. I have a deep understanding of researched best practices in learning and positive psychology. The DAWN Method brilliantly blends Judy’s deep experience in dementia care with principles and practices from a variety of disciplines. She has created a paradigm-shifting vision for dementia care that affirms the best in each of us – the person with dementia AND their caregivers. Additionally, the DAWN Method is presented within a conceptual framework that is easy to understand. It offers practical step-by-step tools that will immediately improve care and the quality of life for all involved.

    This approach is dignified, respectful, compassionate, and hopeful.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this program. It is an inspired gift to us all.Thank you, Judy Cornish! (Review from previous version of DAWN HomeCare video course)

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