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DAWN Partner Employee Certification

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Welcome to the DAWN Partner Employee Certification course. This online dementia care training for senior care agencies and their employees is meant to provide you and your team with a new way of providing care, relieving stress and fostering companionship.

If you are a caregiver providing support to those experiencing dementia, you know how difficult it can be to know how to handle many situations. The DAWN Method will give you tips and techniques to make your job easier and less stressful. As each caregiver on your team works through the course material, increasingly, you will be able to coordinate your care, using the same skills and techniques to help your clients feel secure.

DAWN dementia care training works best if you give yourself at least a week or so to watch each lesson of 3–7 video topics and work through the quizzes (ideally, no more than one video topic / quiz per day). This will give you time to absorb the information, make the necessary mind shift, and begin to implement the tools and techniques presented, one by one.

The topics are presented in order and build on one another. You must go through them in order, but you can go back and review them at any time.

Before you begin, please download and read the DAWN Dementia Care Specialist Handbook (PDF). The handbook has suggestions for troubleshooting and what to do / who to contact if you encounter a problem with the course. Also note that you must pass each Quiz with a 100% score, though you may retake each Quiz as many times as you need to in order to pass.

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