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Be Calm in a Crisis

Be calm and kind The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has many people panicking, which is understandable—especially our older adult population and their family members. It is important that we remember that everyone around us is affected and that we have the opportunity to be a kind and calm influence in this situation. Remember, your loved one … Read more

DAWN Method Advice Featured in The Spokesman Review

“Helping the caregivers: Training, consulting available to families of people with Alzheimer’s, dementia”  “Judy Cornish, who operates Palouse Dementia Care in Moscow, Idaho, has developed an approach called Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network, or DAWN. She offers training and consulting to families of people with Alzheimer’s, including Spokane-area clients. Cornish recommends looking first within personal … Read more

Upcoming DAWN Workshops

Pullman, WA – Judy Cornish, founder of Palouse Dementia Care Services and the DAWN Method of dementia care, is hosting a series of 8 workshops in Pullman, WA. Judy will give attendees tools to decrease dementia-related behaviors and lower caregiver stress. The workshop is appropriate for family members of people experiencing dementia, and professional caregivers. … Read more